2020 Challenge Quilt Info

Name: 20:20 . How Clear is Your Vision

Select a song that has a COLOR in its title and illustrate your piece any way you would like. Piece may be 3-dimensional.(If you go online there are probably thousands of song titles with color in their title). Surface embellishment is just fine .This color must be used in the piece also.

The quilt has to be 20 inches square

A visible piece of the enclosed eyeglass fabric must be used however you wish. If desired a pair of  real glasses (any size) could be included .All requirements for submitting an entry for the  quilt show apply to this quilt .

All quilts will be turned in at the April meeting in a bag with handles with your label covered. An additional  UNCOVERED label must include the song title. You may give your quilt  another name.

Ribbons will be awarded for Judge’s Choice, Committee Choices, Viewers’ Choice, Best representation of Theme, Most Humorous. Most Clever Use of Glasses (This is a fluid list and can change at any time)

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